Monday, June 4, 2012

Chainsaw Stampede

A good buddy of mine went to the airforce last January. He called me up one night and told me that they were starting a nerf league at their base. Astonished, I offered to build a blaster and put a nice touch on it. This Stampede is fully tricked out with the internals package, 9.6v battery, and a CHAINSAW. How cool is that?
Now, you may be calling that a Lancer from Gears of war, something that I am not. I didn't set out to create one, but I saw a new toy come to market and wanted to see how it would preform with a nerf blaster. The True Heroes Lights and Sound Blaster is a TRU exclusive and I decided that any zombie slaying airman would need one integrated into his awesome stampede. I added a master power switch on the right side of the chainsaw to prevent the chainsaw from accidently starting up while on the hunt. One flick of the switch and it's cuttin time. A dual color metallic black and tan paint job finishes off the blaster in a sweet look.


  1. Is it just me or do I see 4 Vulcans and at least 5 Longshots? GOOD GOLLY!
    Nice Stampede btw. xD Really liked that tan and black/silver combination.

    1. If you see that to be impressive, check out the video on my full armory. I just added a supermaxx 1500, cyberstrike blasters, ironman magstrike, longshot, blue magstrike, and some older vintages that don't have names or stickers on them. I have to figure out what they are.