Friday, December 14, 2012

Update: New Elite Blasters, Commissions, and Sales

Hey y'all. I'm not dead. Well, I feel that way because of finals, but I'm opening up to commissions now. Email me if you are interested in a commission.

I'll be able to direct you to the steps from there.
Please be serious and not waste my time over the holiday break.

I'll also be selling some stuff.
RED STRIKE LS is not for sale. But a lot of my NIB items are as well as a few lots of blasters on eBay. Keep looking at my seller's page there.

I have a few elite blasters to do reviews and mods on. I'll be inclined to do the mods on these elite blasters too, cause they are awesome.


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  2. can u please send a link of your ebay seller page i wanna buy some nerg guns plz thankssss

    1. By the time you posted I had ended all of my listings and sold them. If you are interested in anything specific, send me an email.